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The MHS Boys Soccer Booster Club Welcomes You to the 2017 Season!

Our mission is to support the MHS boys soccer program within an environment that promotes leadership and fosters team spirit both on the field and in the community.  The Booster Club provides volunteers and financial support that enrich the experience and funds the needs of the MHS boys Soccer program at Montgomery High School.

100% of your funds benefit the players in the soccer program!

Your Booster Club membership covers a variety of enhancements not provided by the school district, including: supplemental coaching, equipment, apparel, season kick off picnic, end of season banquet, food on buses, banners, Senior Night recognition, Teacher Appreciation Night, awards and more.

Montgomery Booster Club is a 501 (c) (3) organization:  Donations & contributions
are accepted and donors can take a tax deduction for gifts.  For donors like you,
this means that your contributions are fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law.


membership form 2017 can be printed from the link.


An important note regarding membership dues:  We do not want any player to miss out on the soccer experience due to a family financial concern.  If you have a true financial hardship concern regarding membership please reach out to Joan Kettelkamp discretely to discuss additional volunteer commitments in lieu of a financial commitment.