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Boys Varsity Soccer Equipment List 2017

All players must take care of water, ice, AED & med kit for each day during their week

**You may have duty more than once during the season

Sept. 5-9
Trent Kettelkamp
Justin Zhao
Jonny Spiegler
Sept. 11-16
Charlie Rodgers
Jace Orvos
Jason Edelstein
Sept. 18-23
Vincent Malgrange
Justin Hirsch
Zach Oliu
Sept. 25-30
Marko Elez
Nick Millett
Ben Choi
Oct. 2-7
Tony Vicente-Bailon
Mark Tattoli
Jack Callan
Oct. 9-14
Sebastian Tamayo
Lance DeSantis
Alex Marna
Oct. 16-21
Ryan Gallagher
David Young
Jacob Curtiss
Oct. 23-28
Harry Feng
Omar Hassamin
Miguel Tan
Oct. 30-Nov. 4
Kevin Cresti
Isaac Brukhman
Jordan Grunfeld