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 On October 21, 2014 the Boys’ Soccer Program celebrated its first Teacher Appreciation Night.  Our 14 seniors honored the teachers that have made the most positive impact on them during their years at MHS.


Matt Bumstead is honoring Mr. Paul Stemmler

mattMr. Stemmler has a very interesting and exciting way of teaching.  He always kept me entertained when he was teaching.  His classes were never boring and I always looked forward to them.


Daniel Campo is honoring Ms Frances Seid

danMs Seid has been helping me transition to this “new” (for me) kind of school.  Also, she has been helping me with English, especially when I don’t understand the homework instructions or I need grammar corrections on an important essay.


Adam Kantrowitz is honoring Mr. Jason Oosting

adamThere was not a day that I did not enjoy going to Mr. Oosting’s class.  He was outstanding.  You’re the best, Mr. O!


Ross Lu is honoring Coach Vincent Ingraffia

rossCoach “I” was my 8th grade soccer coach.  Gym is not the same without him.


Julian Luis is honoring Mr. Christian Lugo

julianMr. Lugo is the definition of how a person should be.  He is my role model because he has shown me that hard work is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while working hard!  You are an amazing teacher and are going to go far.  Thank you for allowing me to be your student, and also your friend.


Nick Marna is honoring Mr. Kris Grundy

nickMath may not be my favorite subject, but it sure was much more enjoyable when Mr. Grundy was teaching it.  Thank you very much for everything you have done for me over the past 4 years and for making math a better learning experience.


Anvya Mathur is honoring Mr. Craig Buszka

anvyaMr. Buszka has a very unique style of teaching which has changed the way I learn.  He has heightened my thinking skills and therefore he has made the biggest impact on my high school years.


Joe Morrissey is honoring Mr. Michael Holinko

joeDespite Mr. Holinko only being my teacher for 3 weeks sophomore year, he has made a large impact on me as a coach in track.  Mr. Holinko has helped me understand the value of hard work in all aspects of my high school career.


Jack Nierenberg is honoring Ms Frann Ross

jacknMs Ross had an excellent way of teaching that made the information both interesting and useful.  She was always enthusiastic to teach and help anyone out.  Calc with Ms Ross was always a fun, exciting class to look forward to.


Billy Rodgers is honoring Madame Kim Marshall

billyMadame Marshall has been one of my most influential teachers in my 4 years at Montgomery High School.  She taught me in French, freshman year, but even now I still see her in school.  She motivated me to work my hardest in the classroom and on the soccer field.  We have had a bunch of conversations where she has given me great advice for the future, after I graduate.


Jack Rodgers is honoring Mrs. Dayle Franzyshen

jackrI had a close bond with Mrs. Franzyshen and she really helped me understand computers better and the art of web design.


Brandon Sabinsky is honoring Mr. Rama Bulusu

brandonMr. Bulusu made a huge impact throughout my high school career.  He is one of the few teachers who I respect greatly.  Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.


Adrian Vicente Bailon is honoring Mrs. Christine Hazynski

adrianMrs. Hazynski has been the most influential teacher in all of my high school years.  She made English class fun, but also educational.  She taught me numerous things that I will use in the future.  I want to thank Mrs. Hazynski for being the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had.


Daniel Yuan is honoring Mrs. Temmy Kim

One of my favorite classes during high school was definitely my sophomore English class with Mrs. Kim.  I could always look forward to an enjoyable class that was often filled with fun anecdotes and jokes, but also challenged me to think critically and revise my views.  I think it’s fair to say that Mrs. Kim is a teacher that can easily relate to students and is very honest and genuine in her interactions.  I enjoy being able to drop by every now and then to say hello and share the latest news in my life with someone who I consider not only to be a teacher, but also a role model and friend.