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Complete Athlete Nominations

due Oct. 2, 2015:

You can help us change the conversation about NJ high school athletes. 

Recently the NCAA nominated 30 college athletes for their Woman of the Year honor.  This award was established to recognize women who reflect excellence in the four pillars of “academics, athletics, community service and leadership.”

The Complete Athlete® Award was established for the same reason but for high school students. The Complete Athlete® Award is on the high school level what the NCAA award is to the collegiate level.  We are recognizing young male and female high school student athletes who embody the highest levels of commitment to their academics, athletics, and character and to their communities.

Help us change the conversation about student athletes. Help us take the media’s spotlight off of the few athletes in NJ who are getting into trouble and let us shine the light on those young people who are making a difference. Please nominate the high school male and female senior who you know is making the right choices and the right decisions.

Nominate a high school senior who embodies The Complete Athlete®. Not only will this young person receive the acknowledgment and recognition they deserve, but they will also be eligible to receive a college scholarship.

Go to and click on the Nomination form.   Nominations close on Friday, October 2, 2015.

If you need additional information, or have questions, please call 866-ATHLETE (866-284-5383), or email

Together we can change the conversation


NJ Youth Soccer Scholarships

NJ Youth Soccer is honored to inform schools throughout New Jersey of the various scholarships that are available to assist candidates with the cost of higher education.  We are asking high schools to encourage college bound seniors who have played in the NJ Youth Soccer system to submit an application (see attached) for one or more of our three annual scholarships:


(click here or read below for full descriptions)


To be considered for the scholarship during the 2014-2015 seasonal year, an application must be completed and submitted to the NJYS Office. In addition to the application an essay must be written and submitted by each applicant explaining why he or she should be selected to receive the scholarship, along with a copy of the student’s high school transcript. Students may apply for more than one of the scholarships listed, but will only be awarded one NJYS scholarship.


The deadline to submit an application is December 5th, 2014.   Scholarship winners will be recognized at the NJ Youth Soccer Annual Awards Dinner on January 9th in Edison, NJ.  New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop, promote, govern and provide public educational soccer competition among the youth of New Jersey. NJYS provides opportunities for the developmental, intermediate and advanced soccer players. In addition, NJYS supports TOPSoccer programs in member clubs for players with disabilities.  See our website (click here) for additional criteria for these scholarships and details on the application process.


Jeanine Willis was New Jersey Youth Soccer’s first Executive Director and also served as a member of the Board of NJYS for a number of years. Jeanine Willis was devoted to enriching the overall soccer experiences for New Jersey youth soccer players. To commemorate Jeanine’s dedication to the soccer players in New Jersey, NJYS has established the Jeanine Willis Memorial Scholarship that will award a $1,000 scholarship to one male and female high school senior. High School seniors that plan to further their education by attending college or an accredited technical school; are urged to apply for this financial opportunity. Candidates who have played for an affiliated NJYS club and played in the NJYS State Cup for a minimum of two seasons may apply for the Jeanine Willis Memorial Scholarship.


Brett Fenster played soccer from the age of five until he graduated from High School. He began participating in the Recreation Program in West Windsor. Brett’s love for soccer flourished along with his performance on the soccer field. After Brett’s untimely death at the age of 23 the Brett Fenster Scholarship Fund was enacted. The Brett Fenster Scholarship will award a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving high school senior who has played in an affiliated NJ Youth Soccer club and intends to continue his/her education at a 2 or 4 year college or accredited technical school.


Allan B. Sinclair had an extensive career with New Jersey Youth Soccer. Al served as President of New Jersey Youth Soccer for almost 25 years. In addition, Al served as Executive Director for NJYS from 2008-2012. Al’s time and dedication to NJYS was mostly done as a volunteer. The funds for this scholarship were donated in his memory when he passed away in April of 2012. NJYS established this scholarship to award one male and female student $1,000 toward furthering their education. The winning candidates will have demonstrated great leadership and have volunteered their time to their communities.



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

v. Hunterdon Central at Cougar Stadium


All seniors will be honored at the beginning of the game prior to kick off.  Each player will be recognized on center field and escorted by their parent(s).  Seniors will need to supply the following information to Mrs. Millett before October 7th.  Please email the information to:

Information needed: 

Your full name_________________ nickname __________________

Both parents names _______________________________________

Favorite soccer memory ____________________________________

Plans for next year

College you plan to or want to attend ____________________________

Area of study _______________________


All Senior parents are requested to arrive 30 minutes before game time.